Awesome Gift Ideas for People Who Commute

There are many people who have to commute to work or school on a daily basis. Buying a present for a commuter is a quite easy. However, when picking a gift for your commuting friend or family member, you must always consider whether the person you want to surprise is:

  • Using public transport or a personal vehicle
  • Bringing lunch or coffee from home
  • Considering alternative methods to commute

Otherwise, you may get them something that they won’t be able to use.

Gifts based on form of transportation

If the commuter in your life is using their personal car to travel to work, you should consider buying him or her a Bluetooth car kit. Pick one that has a hands-free mode. In that way, the person will have the chance to take calls and change songs in the car while keeping eyes on the road.

CommutingThose who rely on the public transport would certainly appreciate a gift that will allow them to zone out from the commuters’ noise with a nice pair of headphones, for example. If the person is an avid reader, an audio or a regular paperback book will also be a good option.

For commuters who are riding a bicycle or driving a motorcycle to work, a new windbreaker jacket would make a very suitable gift. Another great idea would be to get them a backpack that they can wear while they are on their bike or motorcycle. Just make sure it is reflective, water-resistant, well-padded, yet not too bulky.

Practical gifts

The most useful gift you can get to any coffee-loving commuter is a travel mug. Buy a stainless-steel mug instead of a plastic one since the latter is not very durable. If your friend or relative prefers to prepare their lunch at home rather than to eat out, a personalised to-go container or a salad jar are guaranteed to come in handy to them.