DIY removal or hiring professional movers

You do not want to make mistakes due to lack of knowledge or negligence that will complicate your removal and make it even worse. People usually underestimate the difficulty level of DIY removal. There are so many details one should know about self-removal that can make you give up the idea of DIY removal, if you look at them closer. People then realize why we have professionals to take care of such tasks and why people choose to hire professional moving company to move their precious belongings from one destination to another.

However, if you feel confident enough and you still want to move by yourself, do it. Here are certain suggestions that should help you have a smooth moving experience on your own.

DIY removal might not be the most economical solution

People usually assume that DIY removal is always a cheaper than hiring professional movers. But, it is not always the case. Yes, this is true under specific circumstances, such as:

  • having previous relocation experience
  • having friends that will help you during entire removal process
  • having a local move
  • not having too many items to move, etc.

PackingOn the other hand, just like when hiring professionals, there are hidden costs or forgotten costs in DIY removals. Some of them include:

  1. Packing supplies
  2. Moving insurance
  3. Moving equipment
  4. Fuel
  5. Food
  6. Taxes
  7. Car/van breakdowns
  8. Injuries
  9. Damage of goods, etc.

So, as you can see, you can end up spending more than you first thought you would or spending more than you would if you hired a moving company. So think carefully before you make mistakes you will regret.

You need TIME

The amount of time professional movers spend packing and relocating is not the same amount you will need if you opt for DIY removal. Do not underestimate the time needed to organize your self-move. Even professional movers hardly manage to execute their plans on time, so chances are that you, as an inexperienced mover, will need much more time for planning, organizing, preparing, etc. Do not assume that you will have enough time for completing all tasks but make a moving calendar where you will group tasks and prioritize them so, even if you fall behind the schedule, the most important ones are taken care of.

Therefore, do not waste your time and postpone tasks. Do not assume you have enough time, but rather use the time you have at the beginning so if you end up having some free time at the end of packing, for example, then you know you are on the right track. This will boost your confidence and help you have a successful do-it-yourself removal.

Avoid moving injuries

Removal can be painful experience. This is why you need to be very careful when lifting heavy boxes. You need to know your limits and ask for help if you feel like something is just too heavy to move. Also, before you lift a box, you need to know where you will place it first. Additionally, use your abdominals and your back will suffer less since the weight of lifted item is intent on your muscles, not your back.

Use moving equipment to ensure easier DIY removal. Regardless of your physical strength, moving equipment, such as a dolly, will save you so much time since you can handle couple of boxes at once. And you can keep your strength for other things.

How to pack properly

You shouldn’t rule out the fact that packing is an exhausting process that requires methodical approach. Unless you are a packing expert, there are certain instructions you should follow in order to prevent waste of time and efforts:

Instruction #1

Get rid of the goods you no longer use or need. What’s the point in packing and moving items you will not use after you arrive in your new home?

Instruction #2

Avoid last minute packing by starting to pack as early as possible, even if you feel like have has plenty of time. Because you don’t. Start now.

Instruction #3

Start with bigger, more demanding rooms. Save easier for the last. You have most energy at the beginning so you will finish packing the most difficult rooms while you are motivated. Make sure you double check boxes for safety.

You have to leave large items to the pros

Now that you have the majority of your goods packed, you need to figure out what to do with your piano. Usually, items like these are left to the professionals. Moving large items, like pianos or pool tables, will require professional help offered by reliable removal company, such as Titan Removals. The main reason for this is because these items are extremely heavy and they require special treatment if you want to make sure they arrive safe and undamaged. You perhaps do have ideas about relocating your piano, but it is strongly recommended to let a moving company that is specialized in moving large items handle it properly.

Moving your pets

PetIn all that chaos that goes hand in hand with removal, you need to take care of you dog or cat as well. They require special treatment during removal. So, you need to take your pet to your veterinarian and ask for an advice concerning motion sickness medication and other travel recommendation. Make sure your pet has current shots, proper identification, certificates, etc. Do not forget to carry pet’s papers if you are moving abroad.

Find a moving truck

You probably know someone who owns a truck and who will gladly help you out and borrow a truck, van or SUV for your removal. This is the cheapest option to more your belonging to your new destination and it will enable you avoid fees and other costs that goes with hiring professional movers. If you have troubles with finding a truck, you can think about renting. There are many rental agencies that offer great service for an affordable rate.