Eco-friendly practices in the removal industry

Nowadays almost every industry in the world is trying to go green in order to preserve nature, prevent the disappearance of valuable resources and lower pollution levels, and the moving business is not an exception. Today, more and more removal companies are adopting eco-friendly practices that not only enhance the quality of your man and van services but also allow them to provide to their clients better, more reliable and affordable moving options.

Eco-packing materials

Packing cardboard boxesBack in the day, moving companies used common cardboard boxes to carry out the removal projects for which they have been hired and then threw everything away. Today, however, they favour using cartons that are made from recyclable materials and that are recyclable on their own. They also invest seriously into reusable shielding products such as:

  • Hardtop containers
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Furniture blankets
  • Cushioned paddings
  • Anchoring belts

Finally yet importantly, when necessary, they create customised-wooden crates and once the job is done and the items have been safely hauled to their respective destination, they either take down the crates and reused the timber or give it for recycling. Studies show that the demand for man and van firms that used eco-friendly packaging has grown drastically during the last few years as clients approve of their green policies and their more reasonable service rates.

Fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vans and trucks

Green vehicles

The automotive industry is spending immense amount of money into the research and development of green technology for all kinds of vehicles, including commercial vans. These advancements have affected the moving business significantly. Presently, a large number of removal companies are replacing their fleets of old Lorries and Lutons, with newer vehicles that emit less harmful gases and that have better fuel consumptions ratios. This allows movers to execute long and short distance deliveries at lower rates. Some removal firms have gone even further by adopting a policy of using only biodiesel that is made from vegetable oil, animal fat and soybean oil, while others have decided to gather an armada of electric vans.

Best electric Lorries on the UK market

Manufacturer Model Launched Max. Payload Range
Nissan e-NV200 2014 770 kg 170 km
Renault Master ZE 2017 1.100 kg 199 km
Citroën Berlingo Electric 2017 552 kg 95 km
Mercedes-Benz Vito E-cell 2010 727 kg 128 km
Volkswagen e-Crafter 2017 1.709 kg 208 km

As of date, The Ford Transit Custom is the only hybrid van on the automotive market. The vehicle will be launched in late 2017, and predictions are made that it will quickly become a sought after model by man and van specialists, as it will allow them to carry out inter-city and international relocation while not compromising their eco-friendly policies.

Smart packing

Digital deviceSometimes using recyclable and reusable protective supplies is simply not enough, as the items are too many to move in an eco-friendly manner. This when moving companies commence promoting smart packing by advising their customers to purge a portion of their belongings. They advocate that people do not need all the objects that they have amassed throughout the years and that they should donate items that are in good condition to less fortunate folks that truly need them. Professional packers, advise people to take only objects that they have been using during the last twelve moments and that have emotional value. All the rest should be thrown away, given for recycling or as aforementioned donated directly to people in need or to various charities. Customers that decide to pack smart or to benefit from such standalone services, often benefit from amazing price reductions as the movers have less to prepare, load and transport, and therefore are willing to make a significant discount on the overall price, such as the ones of Andy Removals in London. This practice is not only meant the keep clients satisfied but to also promote a greener way of life, which is extremely beneficial to nature as less items are being thrown away and gathered in garbage depots.

Going digital, eliminating paper

Electronic documents

We live in a world that is becoming more and more digitalised, which explains why a vast number of man and van companies prefer to work with electronic documents instead of physical papers. They send quotations, invoices, inventory lists, relocation schedules and other important details via e-mail, while on-site coordinators use tablets to handle the logistics of the removal projects. Some firms go beyond their call of duty and offer profitable discounts to all customers that decline physical documentation and choose to go digital. This practice is becoming extremely popular as it is not only environmentally friendly but also facilitates the jobs of bookkeepers and the communication between the clients and the movers as it is more directly and instantaneous.

Energy efficient moving equipment

Multifunctional hand truckRemoval vehicles are not the only technical resources that can be eco-friendly in the moving industry. Nowadays, there is an abundance of energy efficient relocation instruments on the market. Man and van contractors that provide heavy-duty relocation services, often use portable lifts in order to ease and secure the loading and unloading process. Generally, these lifts are either electric or hydraulic. The modern versions of the former are equipped with rechargeable batteries that require less energy and that have a longer lifespan. In may sound odd that in this day and age, movers still hand trucks and dollies, but the truth that some companies do not upgrade their lifting tools as manual equipment does not require any energy to function and therefore is much more eco-friendly.

As you can see, there are a number of methods, which professional movers use to provide to their clients top-notch, complete and green man and van services. The fact, that the number of eco-friendly removal companies in growing steadily throughout the last decade, strongly indicates that the contractors that serve the niche are becoming more environmentally conscious and are ready to walk the extra mile in order to do what is necessary to keep the planet safe. You can rest assured that newer and more effective green practices will emerge during the upcoming years and the many man and van providers will embrace them as easily as they have accepted the current eco-friendly moving techniques.