Gift-giving Rules You Need to Follow

Most people even find the gift-giving tradition stressful. But no matter on which side of the present you are – receiving or giving – there are a number of modern etiquette rules that can save you a lot inconvenience, stress and embarrassment.

He who gives shall receive

Once someone gets you a present, you almost feel obliged to return the gesture. But is gift reciprocation still a thing? Yes, it is. However, don’t pressure yourself by trying to return a present that matches the price of the one you have received. If you are struggling financially, you can simply make up by investing more time and thought into the gift. In that way, you will reciprocate the present in a more alternative way.

Gift cards – yes or no

Are gift cards too impersonal and unthoughtful? If selected and handed in the wrong manner, they can be. However, if you choose a card that can be useful for its receiver, your gesture will certainly be appreciated. For example, an auto parts gift card would be a perfect choice for any car lover, but it will not suit a movie fan. So, pick wisely! In addition, find a way to personalize the card. Most businesses that sell gift vouchers also allow customers to add a short message to them. You can also attach a nice photo of you and the receiver to the card to make it even more special. Remember that personalization is an important aspect of gift-giving and try to apply this rule to every present you give. Even with birthday cards – instead of simply singing under the pre-printed wishes on the card, add a few words of your own.

Don’t leave out people

You would think that surprising someone with a present can never fire back at you. Well, think again. If you are invited to an office party and you have a prepared a gift for only one or two of your coworkers, you are in trouble. Even if you are not particularly close to the rest of the team, you will appear as a cold and unthoughtful person if you do not treat everyone equally. Similar is the case on family gatherings. Your cousin’s wife may feel offended that you have not included her in your presents’ list along with everyone else in the family. To avoid getting broke, simply go with small gifts. It’s the gesture that counts!

Saving receipts is considerate

No matter how much time and thought in put in a present, you may still get it in the wrong size or colour. That is why, keeping the receipt is very smart. Put in an envelope and give it along with the gift and you can save your friend a lot of time. Otherwise, you may have wasted your money.

The most important gift-giving rule is to show your appreciation when you receive a present. Even if you do not like it, say ‘thank you.’ If the gift was mailed to you, contact the sender and tell them it has arrived. Be nice!