Gift ideas for cocktail lovers

Every single one of us has a friend who simply loves fixing cocktails. In addition to being a great fixture to house parties of all kinds, those kinds of people provide you with the opportunity to easily find suitable gifts for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or simply showing them how much you care about them. Listed below are several truly wonderful gift-ideas for cocktail connoisseurs, such that they are going to love, cherish and definitely find use of.

  • A bar cart

Wine setIt is easily understood why a cocktail lovers is going to find a bar cart to be a marvelous gift. This might be a bit of a pricey gift, but they are going to use it for years to come – and would definitely class up any party that the person in question is organizing at their home.

  • An ice bucket

Now, every bartender needs a proper ice bucket to have at handy when fixing drinks or speed-cooling already prepared cocktails. They will also go great with the bar cart that we have mentioned above.

  • A booze decanter

Even if your friend does not have a cart or a bar at home, a pretty decanter would come in handy when fixing the drinks on your next party. The best way to present a decanter is along with a bottle of nice alcohol, preferably of the favorite brand/type of your host.

  • Shot glasses

GlassesShot glasses are a must on every party. They are also never enough, so a nice set of shots would be something your favorite party animal is going to love you for. There is a rich variety of options available on the market – both plain glass and decorated shots, so it all comes down to the preferences of the person you are making the gift to, which you are definitely well acquainted with.

  • Bottle opener

Not every bottle opener is handy or suitable for all occasions. There is a whole line of high-class bottle openers that would be great as a gift. They are usually pretty, comfortable for use and more durable than those you can find in the supermarket. What is more, a relatively pricey bottle opener would not be something a person would usually buy for themselves, but they will be really glad to receive it as a gift.

  • Soda

Now, we are not talking about Kingsley’s. Some natural soda brand, of course a high-end one, coming in a beautiful retro glass bottle, would be the perfect gift for a cocktail lover, because it will give the vodka sodas and gins & tonics an unique, classy taste. The world-known Perrier brand would  be a good choice.

  • Drink stirrers

No matter what your main gift is, you cannot go wrong with a set of cutely decorated drink stirrers as an addition to it. You can pick up the type of decorative piece on the top of the stirrer according to the tastes of the person you are making the gift to, or go for something humorous that will add up to the spirit of the particular party you are going to.

  • A cocktail guide

Alcohol bottlesNow, one cannot call themselves a cocktail connoisseur without having a proper textbook for learning new tricks. There are many cocktail guides available on the market today. The best news is that they are usually pretty suitable for gifts too, because in nine out of ten cases, they come in hardback editions that are beautiful, durable and easy to handle. Your friend is definitely going to love such a thoughtful gift!