Hi-Tech Gift Suggestions

Your partner’s birthday is rapidly approaching and you still haven’t bought him/her a present as you cannot decide what to get. If that is your case, here are several high-tech gadgets that your significant other will certainly adore having.

ConsolesGaming console – If your partner likes video games then you should consider getting him a next generation gaming console such as:

  • Nintendo Wii U
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

The price of gaming consoles depends on their memory capacity and whether games are included or not. Also know that they are sold with one joystick which means that you will have to buy a second one. If that’s not enough, you can also opt to add all types of gaming accessories such as an Oculus Rift (which is a great present on its own). This will undoubtedly make your significant other extremely happy.

Tablet – Tablets have become amazingly popular throughout the last five years and this is why more and more tech companies are manufacturing them. Today you can find tablets that range in size, functionality, memory capacity, CPU capabilities and so on. The fact that there is a large choice on the market means that tablets aren’t as expensive as before which means that you can easily get one despite of your budget.

Video camera – We live in an era where people take pictures and videos constantly. So, why don’t you get a new and modern video camera for your partner which he/she can use to record the upcoming birthday party, future travels and other special events. Nowadays GoPro cameras are extremely popular as they are very compact and provide a high quality image which can be shot from different and very interesting perspectives. If a video camera is above your budget you can always go with a digital photo camera which has recording options.

Smart pen – Smart pens allow people to create a digital copy of their writings by writing on a specialised type of paper or folio. They are sold at various prices and can be linked with personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Bluetooth speakers – All music lovers want them as they allow them to wirelessly listen loudly to their favorite songs and artists. So, if your partner is a music aficionado, don’t hesitate to get him one or several Bluetooth speakers. There are numerous brands on the market and their prices ranges from low to high, so don’t worry about your budget. The speakers can be easily synced with all types of devices that have a Bluetooth including smart televisions and contemporary audio systems.

BinocularsBinoculars – Binoculars aren’t used only by the military. For example ornithologists use them to gaze at rare species of birds without disturbing them while sailors use them to keep an eye on the horizon and avoid any potential dangers. So, if your significant other works with binoculars or has a hobby that requires their usage, get him a new pair of modern binoculars.

BB-8 Droid – Although it isn’t the most practical entry in our list, the BB-8 Droid is a miniature high tech replica of the newest droid in the Star Wars franchise and is controlled via smart phone. So, if your partner is a huge Star Wars fan, get him the BB-8 Droid and earn his unconditional never ending love.

Drone – Drones are the newest hit in the high tech world and everybody wants to have one for all types of reasons. They are sold in various sizes and can be quite costly at times but it is a gift that will certainly impress and make your partner very happy and excited.