Things you should never give as a birthday present

Birthdays are joyous occasions in most cases. But a bad gift can definitely ruin the mood and even your relationship with the person that has received the gift from you. So, there are just things that you need to steer clear from when you are shopping for a birthday present.

Finding the right gift is easy; finding the worst one is easier

SocksYou are going to find thousands of stories on the internet concerning bad gift experiences. While instant noodle soup is logically not a good idea, there are other, less obvious choices that can cause trouble, even if you have picked them up with the best of intentions. For example:

  • A diet cookbook/a guide to losing weight – unless specifically asked for, this can damage both the person you are making the gift to’s mood and self esteem, and your relationship with them.
  • A gift certificate for a cosmetic procedure – yet again, even unintentionally, you will be making the suggestion that the person does not look right.
  • Socks – well, it might sound like a good idea, or at least that is what your grandma has fooled you into thinking every Christmas. The truth is that the disappointment on the face of the receiver will tell you everything that you need to know about it.
  • Cleaning products – even a hardcore housewife will not be happy with getting detergents or a special extension for the vacuum cleaner. Trust us on that.

So, what’s a person to do?

The key to buying a great gift is choosing something that reflects the personality of the person whose birthday you are going to celebrate. Putting some time and effort into the thing will make it feel special and your friend/family member is definitely going to appreciate the thought. It is just as simple as that.