Wedding gift etiquette – the basics

Weddings can be pretty exciting not only for the bride and groom to be, but also for the majority of the people who are invited as guests. They are happy occasions and gift-giving is an integral part of the whole experience. So, you would want to do it right, wouldn’t you? Well, here are some tips on the gift-giving etiquette on weddings.

When you are invited to both the shower and the ceremony

The rule of thumb is that in case you are attending both a wedding shower and the actual wedding, you need to buy two separate gifts. We are talking about two different events here. Mind you however that the shower gift does not have in any way to be as expensive as the one you are going to present at the wedding.

Money is not that important

Instead of focusing on how much exactly you are supposed to spend – or worse – what other guests are spending, you should invest your attention and efforts in picking up a gift that the couple is going to appreciate and have use of. This should be your main concern.

Consult with the registry

Wedding GiftThe wedding registry can be quite useful, because it will give you an idea what the couple wants or needs. In case you decide not to follow the registry when buying your gift, you need to make sure that your idea is truly unique and would personally fit the groom and bride.

Attach the receipt too

Leave the receipt for the gift in the box too. It is not bad taste at all and you should not feel ashamed of it. That’s just common courtesy and something very important for the wedding gift etiquette. The purpose of this gesture is to give the bride and groom the chance to return a duplicate item they have gotten, or one that is not of a suitable colour, design etc.